Patterson Pass Water Treatment Plant

The plant is currently undergoing major construction and will soon offer ozone treatment along with other major enhancements.

These upgrades will improve treated water quality with the added ozone facilities, replace aging equipment, increase treated water storage capacity with the addition of a new five-million-gallon tank and double the amount of treated water the plant can produce from 12 million gallons of water a day to 24 million gallons a day (MGD).

Del Valle Water Treatment Plant

Construction on the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant Ozonation Project began in April 2018 and is now in service!

The Ozonation Project, which was part of Zone 7’s Capital Improvement Plan, brings best-in-class technology for disinfection to our water treatment and represents a
capital investment of $49 million, funded by bonds. Ozone will replace chlorine as the main disinfectant at the Del Valle Water Treatment Plant, resulting in higher quality finished water provided to our customers. This investment in ozonation will improve our water by treating taste
and odor impacts from algae growth, reducing chlorine-related byproducts, and destroying pathogens and other emerging contaminants of concern. It will make our water cleaner, safer and better tasting – straight from the tap.