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I am so pleased  to continue to serve our community on the Zone 7 Board. It is my priority and passion to be on the front lines as we face increased demands and unique challenges to ensure a safe and reliable water resource. With climate change and decreasing water resources, it is important to develop a diversified portfolio of water resources and updated infrastructure. I am honored to now serve as President of the Zone 7 Board of Directors. Also as President of the Board of Directors  for the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction JPA, I plan on helping see this project through the EIR process to lay the groundwork for construction of a much needed project that affects over 27 million people in California. I chaired the Delta Conveyance Stakeholders Engagement Committee to bring high transparency to the Delta Conveyance Project planning process.  Representing Zone 7 in ACWA (Association of California Water Agencies) I participate in several key committees and workgroups and on the Board of ACWA Region 5. Safe and affordable drinking water for all Californians including for Disadvantaged Communities is a priority.  With Rotary International I am involved in projects to build water and sanitation infrastructure in Haiti. Our goal is to make our water resources able to meet our urban and agricultural needs into the future.

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 Sarah Palmer


    Zone 7 Water Agency